Litters / Puppies

Born March 11th, 2 males 2 females; on picture 6 days oldP1050898 (2)P1050902 (2)





Puppies expected in march 2019.

This combination meets the rules of the breed club.

Tridents Diaz

Dutch show Champion

father: Skogsbygdens Wiktor Hotspot

Mother: Tridents Alice

Diaz eyecheck ECVO 2019 free (only one distichi at first check in 2015) Retinopathy DNA carrier, HD A


 Onni aka Norinikes Balder de Bombe:

Show: Dutch youth champion en Winner 2018

Father: Westorps Jack of Hearts, born in Sweden

Mother: Sharinjah Simasuu, born in Finland

Onni: eye check  ECVO 2018 free (except MPP iris-iris, DNA Retinopathy free, HD C

First Litter:” Lipizzaner” nest born 25-03-2018




Maestoso v. Dalahäst    Tylor lives in Belgium


Convesano v. Dalahäst      Delphi lives in Amsterdam


Deflorata v. Dalahäst    Sophia lives in UK